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Limb Lengthening

LLD is a condition in which one of your legs/arms grow slower than the other. This results in the unequal lengths of legs/arms and is extremely troublesome.

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PRP Therapy

Joint pain and injuries can happen to anybody whether you are a professional sportsman, a weekend warrior, just a commoner with an active lifestyle.

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Multiple joint pain and rheumatoid arthritis

Connections between our bones in our body are joints. When there is malfunctioning in these joints and when we move, we experience pain.

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Your bones must be healthy as well as strong enough to ensure that you are living and performing physical activities comfortably.

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Sports ligament injury and arthroscopy

Ligaments basically are flexible tissues whose function is to conduct a good network of the bones in your body. It is also responsible for the movement of the joints between your two muscles.

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Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement

Osteoarthritis occurs when the tissues at the flexible tissues at the ends of human bones wear down and hence any kind of movement of that area becomes painful.

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Backache and Spine Surgery

Any kind of discomfort or pain that you are experiencing in your back is back pain. But in most cases, backache is mostly related to spinal problems.

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Child Bone Diseases

During childhood, bones grow at a faster rate which helps then in growing. But due to some factors, there are bone diseases that act as barriers

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In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

Dr Arvind Mehra is the chief of trauma and orthopedics in Paras Hospitals focused on the diagnosis and treatment, highly experienced orthopedic surgeon working in Gurugram since last 25 years.

  • Complex fracture fixations
  • Joint reconstruction
  • Limb lengthening

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Dr Mehra is an approachable and highly experienced orthopedic surgeon practising in Gurugram, managing all kinds of orthopedic ailments. He has a reputation of being ethical in his practise and warm hearted. Unnecessary hospital admissions and surgeries can be avoided if a second opinion is taken with him.

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What Our Client Says

Dr Mehra and team operated my mother for left hip fracture 6 months back. At age of 75 and with heart disease, I had thought that surgery and recovery will be a risky, long and painful thing, but Dr Mehra did a great job with surgery and the fracture was fixed very well. She was allowed to walk within few days and at 2 months the fracture had healed and she was walking with no pain. I thank Dr Mehra for doing a great job.

Mr Surya Bhan

I had suffered from pain and swelling in wrist joint for many months. I took treatment from many hospitals including AIIMS, Delhi but my problem kept increasing. I was referred to Dr Mehra by a cousin. He understood my problem and advised surgery. This was a rare kind of surgery for which only few surgeons had previous experience. Surgery went well. At the end of 6 months I am back to my daily routine with little problem, thanks to Dr Mehra.

Mr Dwipen Rawat

I son had got injury to wrist, we could no take proper consultation by 2 months. When Xray was done after that, it was case of non union scaphoid. We consulted many doctors who gave us option of surgery but no guarantee of results. Dr Arvind gave us option of new technique of osteoblasts with good results. We went through 2 stage surgery. At 2 months fracture healed well. He is a genuine and good doctor with good experience. We recommend to all patients.

Mr Raj Sharma

I consulted Dr Mehra after undergoing 2 failed surgeries of my hip with multiple plates and screws along with wires. I was unable to stand and even go to wash room. The plates were also broken. He advised a joint replacement surgery for the hip. I trusted Doctor sahab due to his large experience in difficult cases. After just 3 days of surgery he himself made me walk in the ward and I felt relief that I came to him. He has an excellent surgeon and I recommend him to all.

Ram Avtar Sharma

My 3 year old child was suffering from pain in thigh for 2 years. Showed to lot of doctors In Iraq and then in India. Some said its malignant tumor of bone and child will die. Dr Mehra did tests and assured us that its local bone tumor and he will remove it successfully and child will survive. He operated and removed tumor. Now 3 months after child is pain free and there in no residual tumor. I thanks Doctor from bottom of my heart and recommend to all.

Md Tumaar Ali

I approached Dr Mehra after I got his reference from a friend for limb lengthening surgery since I wanted to get my height increased. He explained the procedure to me in detail and patiently answered my queries. He has a good team to take care of patients and is approachable. After surgery the team helped me stay near the hospital. After 6 months of surgery now I have 3 inches increase in leg length. Thank you Dr Mehra for helping me in my problem.

Mr Ayush Verma

I had a glass cut injury to my palm and my fingers stopped moving and there was lot of bleeding. Thankfully I was brought to Paras hospital emergency by my friends. Dr Mehras team met me and they diagnosed a tendon injury. I was operated in morning with tendon repair and grafting. After 3 weeks of surgery he started my exercises. He personally monitored my progress and rehabilitation which I feel was the key to good result. I ended up having near normal strength at 3 months. I thank Dr Mehra and recommend him for these injuries.

Ritika Malik

Latest Blogs

26 Feb 2020
What is Limb Lengthening Surgery?

A lot of patients come to our OPD with complaints of limb length discrepancy (one limb shorter than the other) to old infection, old malunited fracture or birth defect.

26 Feb 2020
Osteoporosis – The silent bone killer

Osteoporosis in medical terms in poor bone density; but generally speaking it is having fragile or brittle bones which might lead to fractures with minimal injury.

26 Feb 2020
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic autoimmune inflammatory disorder that can affect multiple joints of the body starting from small joints of hands and feet.

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